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Why Sentry?


Family is the foundation of Sentry Lacrosse. Always remember that lacrosse is a privilege! Never take family, education, or friends for granted. Learning and improving everyday should always be the focus. By definition, "Sentry" is a guard, or something that protects a loved one. The Sentry mascot is “Uncle Sentry” which is Sentry’s version of  “Uncle Sam”. Sentry strongly believes that “Uncle Sentry” is the toughest, most appropriate mascot a Texas team could have, considering how much Texans love Texas and their country. (See image of Uncle Sentry at very bottom).  All players are encouraged to do their part, both on and off the field, to support and protect their family and friends. This includes being a relentless, respectful, and committed teammate that loves what he does. When times get tough, players, parents, and coaches need to support, educate, and motivate one another for maximum growth.

Why Sentry?

  • A foundation of family
  • Full-time committed coaches, specialized in every position
  • Teaching methods tailored specifically to players' age group
  • Offer more practices than any other club program in Texas
  • Fun and competitive tournaments selected based on teams' current skill level
  • National exposure with Madlax (top 3 club program in the country)
  • Connect Lax recruiting platform
  • Objective testing (ex: Wall-Ball) to measure progress
  • Over 60 Sentry players committed to NCAA school teams
  • Online training and education
  • Our music playlist for practices and games very tough to beat. 
  • Sponsored by Under Armor giving our teams top of the line gear
  • Camps and clinics offered throughout the year with some of the best lacrosse players in the world
  • Coaches offer private/group lessons for every position year round
  • Ranked top 20 in social media platforms by US Club Lacrosse giving our players national recognition

Sentry Path of Excellence:

Family Rules:

Sentry Path of Excellence:

At Sentry Lacrosse we structure our program differently than any other team in Texas.

In 2022-2023 we plan to reinforce the concepts and system that we focused on last year and progress to the next level both individually (player skill development) ‚Äčand as a team (offensive & defensive team philosophies and strategy). Sentry will offer position specific skills clinics and additional practices throughout the year to better prepare our players for both their school Spring season and Fall and Summer tournaments.

More advanced offensive and defensive concepts: We push our players to learn more advanced concepts and schemes than they have previously been exposed to. They must focus at practice, work on stick work outside of practice, and study plays in order to keep up.

Streamlined offensive and defensive schemes, concepts and drills throughout every team: Players will advance within the system as they move through the Sentry program. Every year players will learn more advanced plays and concepts, building on the previous season.

By Grade:

  • Kindergarten, 1st grade: "Sentry Building Blocks" *We believe that we have the best K-2nd grade program in Texas! No one comes close! This program can be chosen to be either a full year, or half year commitment. We will focus on basic concepts, stick skills,technique and having fun! ‚ÄčThe first hour of practice will be fundamental and skill based work, with the last 30 minutes being in game situational work, and scrimmage based. To ensure maximum player development, players will be coached by the best coaches Sentry has to offer.
  • 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade: (Year Round Program) Players will focus on stick skills as we introduce offensive and defensive concepts and unsettled situations. The first 30 minutes of practice will be fundamental and skill based work with the last 30 minutes being in game situational work, and scrimmage based. Goalies, Face-off, Offense and Defense will brake up at different parts of practice to work specifically on their position.
  • 5th & 6th grade: (Year Round Program) Players will learn complex 1-3-2 offensive sets with multiple looks generated off the dodge and off ball movement (cuts). Defense will focus on crease slide packages and positioning on and off the ball. Unsettled situations will be continuously drilled since this is the backbone of any good offense and defense. Goalies, Face-off, Offense and Defense will break up at different parts of practice to work specifically on their position.
  • 7th- 8th grade: (Year Round Program) Players  will be expected to learn multiple offensive sets generating looks from different areas on the field and read teammates to determine appropriate off ball movement and cuts. Players will be expected to master 4v3, 5v4, and 6v5 situations as well as multiple riding sets and clearing patterns. Defense will be expected to learn multiple schemes, slide packages and master unsettled situations. Goalies, Face-off, Offense and Defense will break up at different parts of practice to work specifically on their position.
  • High school players: (Year Round Program) Players will be taught to utilize their skills within a team system in order to best showcase their individual talent. At the High School level our players are focused on recruiting and we help them work with the team to effectively present their skills to college coaches and scouts. Practices will be tailored to helping our players improve their individual skills in order to help the team as a whole. Goalies, Face-off, Offense and Defense will break up at different parts of practice to work specifically on their position.

Team Breakdown:

Select Teams

  • We believe that grouping teams by grade promotes a positive learning environment and allows the same core group of players to compete together all the way through High School. This system is congruent with the top club programs on the east coast. The team chemistry that develops over the years gives us a competitive advantage and allows teammates to bond on and off the field. Our coaching staff provides the best skill development and relationships with top universities and around the country.

  • Certain tournaments focus on elite teams by age and this give Sentry players an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. We strongly believe that we have the best program in Texas and our teams will have the opportunity to compete against the best teams in the country.