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2026 (8th Grade)

2021-2022 Season: 

Sentry Lacrosse prides themselves in having one of the best 2026 teams in Texas. We currently have a great group of coaches, players and families that support our vision and I hope everyone considers our program. 

Sentry Team Tryouts (2021-2022 Season)

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  • Main Tryout Dates: July 24, 2021
  • Issues with tryout dates? If you are unable to attend your team's designated tryout, please do not worry! Players with conflicts can attend one of the current Sentry practices or Texas Elite camp dates (May-June) If you choose this option, please register online and email with dates and times that work best for you.

Sentry 2026 Team Acceptance Registration **Use this after tryouts**


Click here to accept your spot on the team, and register.


Sports Fee Insurance: We highly encourage all families to purchase "Fee Insurance" from USSCI in the event of a (Season ending injury, Sickness, Death of parent, Mental illness, Job relocation, Job loss etc) For more information please go to:



  • Harley Brown (Denver University)
  • Mark Roidopoulos: 
  • Pat DeBolt: Coach DeBolt will be at the majority of practices and tournament games however, there might be some overlap at certain parts of the season.
  • Sentry Staff: Team will have access to the entire Sentry Staff as a resource. 
  • Contact: (With any and all issues) 

Practice Schedule:

May 2022 EVENTS Time Location
Tuesday 10 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229
Thursday 12 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229
Tuesday 17 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229
Thursday 19 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229
Tuesday 24 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229
Thursday 26 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229
Tuesday 31 Practice 6:30-8:00 Northaven Park: 3875 Northaven rd Dallas TX 75229

Potential Tournaments:

Each team will go to 4 tournaments (mix of local and travel) over the course of the year. *Any tournament over 4 is considered an "Extra Tournament" and will have an additional fee. Tournaments will 100% be selected after tryouts to ensure we are selecting appropriate tournaments that are competitive for each team. Please note that Sentry is open to all tournaments suggestions and are willing to added as many tournaments as families would like to go to assuming we can put together a full roster. 

Please fill out the tournament survey below. We would like your feedback on what tournaments you would like to attending: 


Target Tournaments: 

  • Lonestar Shootout: (Texas) 
  • Cowboy Cup: (Texas) 
  • Texas Lax feast: (Texas) 
  • BIG D FESTA: (Texas) 
  • Longhorn Shootout:  (Texas) 
  • Aggieland: (Texas) 
  • NXT: (Texas) 
  • Cowboy Cup: (Texas) 
  • Texas Two Step: (Texas) 
  • Florida Cup: (Florida)
  • Vail Shootout: (CO) /Denver Shootout
  • Tahoe Shootout: (NV) 
  • Long Island Classic (NY) 
  • Best of the West (NV) 
  • Club Lax Youth Jamboree (DE) 


Sentry uses Parish facilities that are some of the nicest in Dallas. Please note that we also utilize other fields in Dallas during conflicts and we are open to other potential locations based team dynamic. 

Key Factors of having Parish facilities:

  • Parish is located in located in a central area that allow players all over the DFW to attend. 
  • Parents always know where practice is plus it allow us to schedule practices months in advance. 
  • Turf and grass fields available.
  • We will not cancel practice if it rains (No practice during dangerous weather conditions) 
  • Ability to set up small scrimmages and play days whenever we want.
  • Youth teams will sometimes practice at North haven park, Glencoe Park or Foro etc. 

Practice/ Season Breakdown

Practice/Season Breakdown Number of Events Notes (All practices are 1.5 - hours long)



- TRYOUTS: Players will have 1-3 days they can tryout. Players must attend at least 1 day of tryouts.
- After tryouts, to ensure the best attendance possible for practices, head coaches will send a practice questionnaire to find out what days and time of the week works best for the majority of players. Practice dates and times will not be set until after tryouts and practice will start in September.
- Please note there will be no team practices in August unless the head coach wants to start early which is a possibility. Practice times are flexible and we are willing to do what is best for the team.
Sept 4 During September Sentry guarantees each team 4 practices. With school and football starting, teams will practice 1-2 times a week.
Oct 4 In October Sentry guarantees each team 4 practices.
Nov 4 In November Sentry guarantees each team 4 practices.
Dec 1 We are done with everything after the second weekend in December. Depending on the tournaments we select, we might not have any practices in December.
Jan 0-2 No practices unless head coach picks a tournament that is in January. Between Sentry, school lacrosse, football, and basketball this is a good time for the boys to put the stick down for a little while and focus on family or a new hobby. Please note that during January, we host a number of camps, clinics, or optional tournaments the boys can attend.
Feb, Mar, Apr 5 - During this time of year (February- April) School lacrosse comes first and we encourage all Sentry players to play with their school programs.

- To ensure everyone is still improving we will offer 5 online Zoom workouts that will focus on Wall-ball, stick skills, foot work, body weight strength conditioning etc.

- Please note we will not have zoom practices on Super bowl Sunday, Easter Sunday, Aggieland tournament weekend, or THSLL Youth/HS Championship weekend.
May: 6 - In May Sentry guarantees 6 practices.
- After school lacrosse is over, all teams will practice two times a week leading up to their last tournament.
June: 6 - In June the Sentry guarantees 6 practices.
- Please note that most Sentry team tournaments are done by the 3rd or 4th week of June. After the last scheduled tournament, players will be done with practice for the season.
July: 0-2 Most team/tournaments are done by July however, if you are going to a July tournament we will have practice 1-2 times a week leading up to the last tournament of the year for each team
Tournaments: (Local/Travel) 4 Each team will go to a minimum of 4 tournaments (mix of local and travel) over the course of the year. There may be additional optional tournaments that have an extra fee, usually $199-399.
50% off of All Texas Elite Camps Bonus All Sentry members will get 50% off all Texas Elite Camps (Park Cities Xmas Camp Dec, Park Cities Summer Camp June, North Summer Camp June, Goalie/Face off summer Camp July ) (Excluding 3v3 Tournaments, National Southern Showcase, and one-day position specific clinics, Sentry School/lessons)
Total 41  

Madlax: "National Exposure" Partner Program

Madlax is a proud partner program that provides Sentry players National exposure. This partnership allows 100% of Sentry players into top level prospect recruiting camps and allows 2-5 player per grade to play on the Madlax National team that is consider a constant top 5 team nationally. Please note that Sentry players will have a opportunity to play on the Madlax National teams starting in 5th grade. 


Wall Ball Test:

Sentry Lacrosse is the only club lacrosse program in Texas that requires players to pass a wall-ball test. We do our very best to strive to educate, motivate, and challenge players to their maximum potential. 

  • Wall-Ball info and test for each grade:


Sentry Lacrosse utilizes for an immediate notification system for practices and tournaments. To sign up for this team, text @2026slax to the number 81010 from your phone. 
*If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @2026slax to (775) 200-9720.

Uniform packages: (All Players travel players will receive the following Items)

Sentry uniform Package:

  • 1 Practice reversible
  • 1 game reversible
  • 1 game shorts, 1 practice shorts
  • 1 shooting shirt
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 Sentry Game Bag

*After tryouts all players must order the the uniform package from Not Just soccer. (click link below to order)

Not Just Soccer: (Dallas) Under Armour

Not Just Soccer and Under Armour are proud sponsors that handle all uniform packages. **Sizing will be done at tryouts

Deadline: All uniform packages must be ordered by Aug 26th  Note: Game Uniforms/Game Shorts will be in October 24-28. All other items will be delivered 3-4 weeks after order is placed. 

Not Just Soccer Contact: Selso 

  • Cell: 469-375-7878  Email:
  • Website/URL to order package:  
  • Address: 6921 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75205, University Park

Sentry Helmet:

Sentry Helmet: 

Cascade S Matte Grey with Red Chrome Facemask, Blue Chin, and Red Chin Strap

Helmet Order Form:

Stickers for Helmet ONLY:

Custom Lacrosse Stick:

Buy now by clicking link below:

  • Head:  Warrior Evo 3 (Blue and White)
  • Mesh: Hero Mesh (White Semi Soft)
  • Pocket: Mid pocket
  • Top String: Red Side Walls: White Shooters: White
  • Stringing: Coach DeBolt will string all sticks
  • Cost: $105

D1 Sports:

D1 Sports is a proud sponsor that provides Sentry players with a high level of speed and strength training. For players that have already taken advantage of this great service, we have seen great improvements in their speed, strength, and overall confidence that ultimately translates into being a better lacrosse player.


  • 2016-2017 Season Package One: Sentry players 4th -10th Grade will have unlimited training for 1 month for $160

  • 2016-2017 Season Package Two: Sentry players 4th -10th Grade will have unlimited training for 6 months at $130/month.

  • 2016-2107 Season Package Three: Sentry players 4th-10th Grade will have unlimited training for 1 year at $110/month.

Contact Person: Mathew Kite 

  • Cell: 214-624-5797 
  • Email:
  • Website:

Address: 8081 Walnut Hill Ln. Suite 1000

Fort Paintball Program Party:

Date: December TBA
Time: TBA
Location: Fort Paintball. 4404 Dillehay Drive, Allen, TX 75002

Who: Everyone in the Sentry Program *Sentry Parents are more than welcome!
Format: Parents vs Kids, Team (grad year) vs Team (grad year). Only one team will walk away victorious.