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Basic Recruiting Timeline


The recruiting process is a marathon, not a sprint! Each player’s recruiting experience is different! Comparing your experience to the player next to you is a waste of time and will be detrimental to the process.

The best way to approach the recruiting process is to be open minded and understand that your timeline may be different from what you originally expected. 

To set up a recruiting consultation, please email


•Freshman Year: Players will begin to formulate an idea of where they want to attend college. A list of 20 colleges with various lacrosse and academic levels is a good start. Some very strong players may already have heard feedback from college coaches at camps or clinics. Players should begin to collect video clips for an eventual highlight reel.
•Sophomore Year: Early Fall: Players write short personal emails to coaches, stating their reason for particular interest (family alumni, specific academic program interest, etc), what club team they play for, what high school they attend, etc. These emails may include video clips and highlight reels. Coaches cannot respond directly to players so they will respond through us if they have interest. Phone calls to coaches may begin. Spring: Players should take their SATs if comfortable enough and be prepared to take them multiple times. Players should begin visiting schools either on their own or at request of college coaches. Some top DI prospects may commit in Spring or Summer after their Sophomore year.
•Junior Year: Players should take ACTs & SATs during Fall. When players get their scores back, this will speed the process along. Prospective high end DIII players begin visiting schools.  Players can begin to receive personalized recruiting material from coaches on September 1st (*Players are permitted to call coaches an unlimited amount of times prior to this date).
•Senior Year: Division I players committed, Division II and III players finish their recruiting process. Players MUST keep their grades up during this time. If a committed athlete’s grades drop during senior year, all coaches reserve the right to drop the player.