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Recruiting (NCAA)

The Recruiting Process:

One of the most stressful periods of a teenager’s life is deciding on a college that is appropriate for them. As a parent, you should have an understanding of the lacrosse programs available at various colleges, as well as knowledge of the recruiting process. Being informed will be helpful in assisting your student-athlete to make a very important decision.

Academics and extra curricular activities are a vital part of the recruiting process. Student-athletes must not only keep up their grades, but they are also encouraged to participate in multiple in and out of school club organizations. College coaches seek out well-rounded student athletes.

When looking at college programs a student athlete has a choice between participating in a D1, D2, or D3 program. Every student-athlete must determine which division they are best suited to play in according to their skill and commitment level. 

After entering 9th grade, all Sentry lacrosse players will be afforded the opportunity to have a "Player Profile" on the ConnectLAX website to use as a recruiting aid. The recruiting process really intensifies once a student-athlete enters high school. Throughout the next four years, we recommend a structured course of action that will enable students to abide by NCAA regulations and maximize visibility to college coaches.

Recruiting Coordinator:

Coach DeBolt is the recruiting coordinator for Sentry Lacrosse and he has more than 10+ years of coaching experience at the club and collegiate levels. He has coached lacrosse at some of the top NCAA schools such as Hofstra, Duke (helping the team win the National Championship!), Ohio State and is very passionate about educating and motivating players to further their education and athletic careers. 

Since Coach DeBolt started coaching, he has helped train, mentor, and assist 60+ players through the recruiting process.



Players in College: (Current and former)

  • We are so proud of all the players that have worked extremely hard to further their education and are continuing to represent our Sentry Lacrosse Family at the collegiate level. We would like to give a shout out and acknowledge all the former Sentry players (for a list of names please click link below)
  • Current and former players in college: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

How it works:

For players 9th-12th that are interested in playing lacrosse in college, all players are required to complete the player checklist in a timely manner. Sentry offers all the tools necessary for a players to excel within the recruiting process however, we would like each player to take the initiative to understand and be part of the process.

Coach DeBolt is more than willing to help players regarding NCAA recruiting however, it is very important that every player completes the player's checklist which includes the following:

  • Creating Connectlax recruiting account with all basic information
  • Research personal top 20 schools
  • Research prospect camps
  • Upload highlight video to profile
  • Read lacrosse recruiting guide
  • Complete player questionnaire
  • Pass wall-ball test
  • Submit objective testing scores each month
  • Maintain passing grades and continue to be a leader in the community
  • Continues to be responsible and professional on social media
  • In the event everything on this list is not completed, please do not ask Coach DeBolt to recommend you for any prospect camps or reach out to a University on your behalf.


*Please note you must be a Sentry member to see the player check list

Visit our “Recruiting Timeline” page for more details about the college recruiting process.

*Please note you must be a Sentry Member to see this infomation

Connect Lax- College Recruiting Database

What Is Connect Lax?: This database provides a player profile for you so that college coaches can easily access at all times. Your Connect Lax profile will include club team info, jersey #, high school team, grade level, GPA, contact info, highlight videos, upcoming tournaments you will be attending, and so much more. 





Madlax: National Exposure

Sentry and Madlax Partnership:

  • The Madlax All-Star program is one of the premier clubs, consistently ranking top in the nation when measured by talent and college placement. They have placed over 450 players into NCAA schools!
  • No other Texas select team is affiliated with a program as consistent and nationally known for wining top tournaments and placing players into NCAA  schools.
  • Select Sentry players will have an opportunity to play on the Madlax National Team that will travel to the top national tournaments with the top NCAA college coaches in attendance. 
  • Sentry players will receive first invitations to all Madlax College Recruiting Showcases and be automatically accepted and invited upon recommendation by Sentry. 
  • Sentry and Madlax work in a close relationship, fully supporting each other to build the sport of lacrosse. Sentry can utilize all resources from Madlax national headquarters in northern Virginia as they grow lacrosse together in their region. Madlax stays committed to their Partner Program's overall growth and will support lacrosse in the Partner's region by leveraging its national marketing angles and skills to promote this Partner Program and the sport of lacrosse. 

Sentry Lacrosse Recruiting Meeting

Each year Sentry will offer a recruiting meeting to players and parents. 

  • The coaches at Sentry will give a presentation on the college recruiting process, and will answer any and all questions. There is much more to the process than most people know about, and we want to give our players the knowledge and tools to be successfully recruited.
  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA
  • Who: Players 9-12 grade. (All parents/coaches/schools welcome)
  • Cost: Free for Sentry members, Non-Sentry members will pay a fee TBA
  • Want to be informed? Click here to be added to email list for upcoming events.