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Custom Lacrosse Stick

Custom Lacrosse Stick:

Buy now by clicking link below:

  • Head:  Warrior Evo 3 (Blue and White)
  • Mesh: Hero Mesh (White Semi Soft)
  • Pocket: Mid pocket
  • Top String: Red Side Walls: White Shooters: White
  • Stringing: Coach DeBolt will string all sticks
  • Cost: $105

Sentry Lacrosse invests heavily in their commitment to skill development. An area that is an issue for many players is the stick that they use. Although you don't necessarily need the most expensive or newest head on the market, a quality stick that is strung correctly is important to help boys cradle and throw. Sentry Lacrosse is offering a custom strung head, for a great price, that anyone can buy.

The Warrior Evolution has been one of the best selling heads on the market since it was introduced to the game. It is a very versatile and universal head that will excel at any position on the field. We have multiple Warrior Evo 3X's that our staff has strung in a Sentry color cheme for sale.

This is a great head and players at any level would benefit from it. It has great hold with it's mid-level pocket, and a very smooth release. We are selling these heads for $105.00, and you can use the link below to purchase one for yourself.