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Online Education

Online Education:

  • At Sentry we always do our best to come up with innovative ways to train, educate, and motivate players to their full potential. We will continue to do so during the current situation with the Coronavirus. 
  • In our opinion, there is no better time for players to focus on stick skills and becoming bigger, faster, stronger, mentally tougher. We hope ya'll join our weekly online sessions. Let's make the best of a tough situation and stay active together!


Basic Info: 


  • Items needed:
    • (1) Electronic device with the app "Zoom" downloaded. 
    • (1) Lacrosse stick, with (3+) tennis or lacrosse ball, tennis shoes, water, (1) role of masking/duck tape
    • (1) 10ft by10ft area to perform workout 
    • (1) PDF Print out daily/weekly/ monthly progress (1) Pencil or Pen (See PDF) 
    • ***We would like to add more wall-ball to our workouts so we encourage everyone to find a spot in or near their house where they can set up a rebounder or uses a wall. If you can not make this happen that is ok because we will give the boys modifications. 
  • Ideas to help improve your online workout expense: 
    • Use wireless head phones
    • Hook electronic device up to a speaker
    • Find a room inside
    • Make sure everyone beside coach is muted
    • Make sure your electronic device, ZOOM, and IOS system is up to date
    • If you are uncomfortable with other people seeing you workout you can always turn off your camera and still join workout. 
  • Who: Everyone is welcome to join the fun so please help spread the word! 
  • How it works: All Non-Sentry players need to register in order to participate. Current Sentry players will automatically be registered. Once registered, players will receive an email with a URL and directions on how to log into the group meeting. Players are more than welcome to talk to one anther until the practice/meeting starts however, once Coach joins in the group, everyone should focus in on coach.