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Team Rules

Team Rules:

At Sentry lacrosse we have created families of boys at each age level that believe in Sentry's core values (Family, Friendship, Loyalty, Honesty and Hard work). In 8 years we have created the strongest group of players in Texas and our coaching staff is more determined then ever to separate ourselves from our competitors. All of our head coaches are full time Sentry coaches and have played at and coached at the highest level. Depending on a player's age, each team will have 35- 50 practices throughout the year. Below you will find our team rules.

Topics Sentry team rules for players:
Mind set: Family is the foundation of Sentry Lacrosse. Always remember that lacrosse is a privilege! Never take family, education, or friends for granted. Learning and improving everyday should always be the focus. By definition, "Sentry" is a guard, or something that protects a loved one. The Sentry mascot is “Uncle Sentry” which is Sentry’s version of “Uncle Sam”. Sentry strongly believes that “Uncle Sentry” is the toughest, most appropriate mascot a Texas team could have, considering how much Texans love Texas and their country. All players are encouraged to do their part, both on and off the field, to support and protect their family and friends. This includes being a relentless, respectful, and committed teammate that loves what he does. When times get tough, players, parents, and coaches need to support, educate, and motivate one another for maximum growth.
Players and parents sportsmanship: - As a member of Sentry lacrosse please remember that all players’ and parents’ actions are a direct reflection of Sentry Lacrosse. Please be responsible, encouraging, supportive, respectful, and try your best to represent Sentry Lacrosse in a first class manor at all times.
- No foul language/music or inappropriate conversations at any time.
- It is important to remember that lacrosse is a team sport and it takes everyone to win or lose a game. Just because a certain player or position did not perform at a high level, it is important for players and parents not to point blame or speak badly about other players. No one is perfect, and players are going to make mistakes, therefore it is a team effort to be respectful and supportive in every situation.
- Players and parents should trust the coaches decisions to manage and organize team during practices and tournament without direct interaction during or directly after a event. Coaches are not perfect and will also make mistakes so please uses the 48 hour rule to provide feedback to coaches.
- Sentry does not condone communication with the referees from either parents or players. It is the coach’s’ responsibility to communicate effectively with game officials. Please allow Sentry coaches to do the coaching. We appreciate your enthusiasm and encourage you to positively cheer the team on, however instructions to players yelled from the spectator sidelines are not warranted.
Education: As a student athlete all players are encouraged to place school over all athletic teams and are required to maintain passing grades. Failure to do such can result in the loss of playing time or suspension.
School Lacrosse: During the school spring season, players are encouraged to put their school program first. Sentry fully supports and encourages all players to play lacrosse with the hometown school program.
Wall Ball: Player must pass all required wall ball times. Failure to do such can result in the loss of playing time or suspension. Wall-Ball Info:
Pregame and Practice: - Tournaments: Please be at the field 50-60 minutes before the 1st game and 40 minutes for the remaining games.
- Practice: Please arrive 10-15 minutes before all practices.
- Note: Players are encouraged to do whatever it takes to get mentally focused and ready to compete at a high level for practices and games. Think about your role and what you need to do well in order for the team to be successful.
Equipment: Players should double and triple check to ensure they have all equipment for practices and tournaments. (Helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, cleats, mouth guard, all uniform items, game/backup's stick, water, mouthpiece, cup!) "It is not your parent's fault if you forget any of the items above!" Sentry team colors only at practice and games.
Game time: Players are encouraged to play smart, play full speed, play together, play physical, play to your ability, play fearless, be relentless, no palms up, and always be ready to make the next play in every situation. Please know that referees are are going to make lots of mistakes therefore players should focus on their responsibilities and situations they can control. Making the next play should be the focus in every situation.
Playing time: Sentry’s goal is to get everybody playing time, however, equal playing time is not guaranteed. We are a select program and in close games coaches are encouraged to to play to win. Players that do not pass the wall-ball test should expect very little to no playing time.
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: Player should not have cell phones at team meals. Players should talk and get to know each other better during team events. Players should eat healthy and light before games and try to eat a big healthy dinner! Players should drink as much water as possible.
Bedtime: Before a game all players must be in hotel rooms at 10:30. Before bed, drink lots of water, stretch, ice bruises/injuries, say I love you to Mom/Dad, be thankful because you are truly blessed, and get a good night sleep.
Photos/videos: Parents and players are encouraged to text Coach DeBolt any quality photos of on or off the field events. 315-719-8072
End of a practice or tournament: Players are encouraged to say THANK YOU/I LOVE YOU to your parents for allowing you to play lacrosse. Always remember that it is a privilege to play the game of lacrosse and remember to be humble that you had an opportunity to improve as a team/individually
48 hour rule for parents: If for any reason you are upset with an on or off field situation, please take 48 hours to evaluate the situation before contacting your coach or a Sentry director. Immediately after a practice or game is rarely the appropriate time. Coaches would be happy to talk about any situation 48 hours after a event.
Injuries: All players are required to report all injuries to the coaching staff.
Drugs/Alcohol: Sentry has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. Party rules are simple, if there is alcohol or drugs present at a gathering you are expected to leave ASAP. Failure to do such can result in the player's suspension from the team.
YES, NO, MAYBE: "Confirming player for each tournament" Once team tournaments are 100% selected and offered to the team, parents are encouraged to respond in a timely manner YES, NO, MAYBE for each tournaments ASAP.
Playing for other teams/programs policy: Playing for a non Dallas select team that does not compete directly with Sentry lacrosse: If a player is looking to play in more tournaments, Sentry is happy to help players find a good team to play on as long as it does not conflict with one of Sentry’s events currently offered. Parents are encouraged to discuss any plans with head coach before making a commitment, to ensure it does not conflict with Sentry.

Playing for local Dallas teams that compete directly with Sentry lacrosse:
- In Texas there are very few teams that compete directly with Sentry lacrosse therefore we kindly ask all families to refrain from playing with 1-3 teams locally regardless of the situation. At the end of the season, players and families are fully open to exploring other teams however, during the August-July season we would like all players and parents to be committed to Sentry in order to create a happy and healthy team atmosphere.
- Sentry works very hard to offer more lacrosse opportunities than any other lacrosse program in Texas. Sentry coaches work year round to teach players lacrosse and more importantly instil the core values of Sentry lacrosse. Playing for anther local team that competes directly with Sentry lacrosse is heavily discouraged because it can weaken those core values.
-If players and parents are interested in playing in another tournament, we encourage all parents to come to Sentry staff to see if it is possible to add another tournament with our Sentry team/coaches.
NCAA Recruiting/ Players Checklist: For players 9th-12th that are interested in playing lacrosse in college, all players are required to complete the player checklist by specified dates/times.